FRIDAY BRIEFING | Where is the ANC renewal, Ramaphosa? Eastern Cape conference proved it’s all hot air

Friday Briefing

Where is the ANC renewal, Ramaphosa? The Eastern Cape conference proved it is all hot air

Since claiming the position as the ANC president at Nasrec in 2017, Cyril Ramaphosa’s buzzwords have been unity and renewal.

But as he prepares to contest the upcoming elective conference in December, where he is seeking a second term, it all seems to ring a little hollow.

Both the eThekwini and Mpumalanga conferences elected people facing criminal charges, and no effort was made to ensure they didn’t make themselves available prior to those conferences. That came as an afterthought.

Slates for Oscar Mabuyane and his rival, Babalo Madikizela, at the recent Eastern Cape conference, both had candidates that oozed notoriety.

In this week’s Friday Briefing, we ask is all this talk about renewal and unity just hot air? Is it just words leaders throw around to ensure they remain in their positions?

News24’s politics editor Qaanitah Hunter writes that following the Eastern cape conference, the message was loud and clear that  Ramaphosa’s first five years as president have meant nothing more than merely securing a second term as president.

University of Johannesburg’s Professor Mcebisi Ndletyana agrees. He questions why the party allowed certain candidates in the Eastern Cape to contest, if it is all about renewal. Nelson Mandela University’s Ongama Mtimka takes a more controversial view and writes that, if Ramaphosa wants to save his party, he should consider not contesting for a second term, and make way for a leader who is not from the liberation movement generation, to bring a new lease of life to the party.

Finally, News24’s politics reporter Jason Felix, who attended the conference over the weekend, reflects on what he saw and comes to the conclusion that there is no hope for unity within the party.

Ramaphosa, a president who danced on egg shells for the sake of unity, but got none

The Eastern Cape conference proved that the ANC is more disunited than it was in 2017 – which points to Cyril Ramaphosa failing at his most pointed task after being elected, writes Qaanitah Hunter.



Oscar Mabuyane’s win boosts Cyril Ramaphosa’s chances, but at what cost?

For a party that claims to be on the path to renewal, many of those who contested in the Eastern Cape should not have been allowed. They don’t represent renewal, but the dark side of the ANC, writes Mcebisi Ndletyana.


Ramaphosa should end the toxicity of his generation and not come back for 2nd term


Ongama Mtimka writes that, if Cyril Ramaphosa is serious about the party’s renewal, he should decline nomination for a second term.

ANC’s Eastern Cape conference reveals push for party unity rings hollow

It’s hard not to perceive President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speeches about ANC unity as hollow. Over the weekend, the ANC Eastern Cape elective conference symbolised how the governing party has been limping along, clinging to the concept of meaningless unity, writes Jason Felix.

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