Fitness and Gyms in Cape Town

Being in good shape is good for your confidence, but the biggest benefit it will give you will be for your health. Fitness centres and gyms in Cape town are based troughout the whole city and there is great variety – from small fitnesses to big fitnes centres. It doesn’t matter which one you will choose, because the goal is the most imortant factor – being healthy and in shape.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness in Cape Town

The Planet Fitness Group kick-started in October 1995 with the vision of becoming the most loved health club in South Africa, and beyond. We have steadily grown since then and continue to grow year on year, increasing the number of clubs across the Planet Fitness, Planet Platinum and JustGym brands.
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Redemption Fitness Centre

Redemption Fitness Centre in Cape Town

Redemption Martial Arts and fitness Centre offers world class Martial Arts and Fitness in a friendly motivating environment.
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Switch in Cape Town

Switch is the ultimate power hour – an uncompromised, experiential exercise programme incorporating the most cutting-edge equipment, coupled with a state of the art playground.
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