We tried KFC’s new ‘Cape Town inspired’ menu. It was average – except for the Gatsby and nachos.

KFC Cape Town inspired limited edition menu (Supplied)

KFC Cape Town inspired limited edition menu (Supplied)
  • KFC is opening the doors to its Kentucky Town pop-up again, in Cape Town this time.
  • The limited-edition menu is inspired by Cape Town dishes and will be hosted at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre from 7 July to 17 July.
  • Menu items include the KFC Gatsby, KFC Chachos (like nachos), Simba Crunch Zinger Wings, Kentucky Fried Oreos, and a Midnight Mojito.
  • The stars of the show were the Gatsby and Chachos. We found everything else to be average.
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KFC has again launched a limited-edition menu as part of its Kentucky Town pop-up, due in Cape Town next week. And while most items on the menu are pretty much average, the Chachos and Gatsby definitely tickled our taste buds.

For 11 days only, between 7 July to 17 July – the fast-food franchise will reopen the doors to Kentucky Town, this time not in Rosebank, Johannesburg, but in Cape Town’s Canal Walk Shopping Centre.

The menu, inspired by Cape Town, offers limited-edition items including the KFC Gatsby, KFC Chachos (the restaurant’s version of nachos), Simba Crunch Zinger Wings, Kentucky Fried Oreos, and a Midnight Mojito.

A few items from the previous Kentucky Town pop-up –  such as the Doughnut Zinger Burger and Spicy Chips flavoured with Tabasco – will be making an appearance again.

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“Kentucky Town is all about celebrating the best of KFC with KFC’s greatest fans,” said KFC’s Marketing Director Grant Macpherson.

We tried the new items. Most of them didn’t impress, but two are worth getting.

The KFC Gatsby

KFC’s version of a Gatsby – which is one of Cape Town’s famous dishes – comes as a long bun stuffed with chicken, chips, lettuce, cheese, tomato, and a spicy sauce.

With all the ingredients stuffed into a gigantic bun, the Gatsby tastes like a better version of a KFC burger.

The ingredients were fresh and the spicy sauce, which drips down your fingers with every bite, had us going back for more.

“It definitely tastes like having all the pleasant KFC flavours at the same time,” said one taster.

“I’ve definitely never tasted an original Cape Town Gatsby but I’m sure this one comes close.”

For just R60, the meal is definitely worth it, and we’d definitely go back for it again.


Our next favourite on the menu has to be the spicy Chachos. The meal consists of fried chicken strips topped with various sauces, some diced tomato, and jalapeño slices.

KFC box with nachos

Chachos (Business Insider / Phumi Ramalepe)

It tastes just a yummy as it looks and has all the right flavours.

“It has all the flavours you’d expect from real nachos, only these are nachos with a lot of KFC fried chicken, and thankfully not super oily.

“Adding jalapeno was definitely a good idea. This would be a great snack to have at any time of the day, or night. Especially after a great night out,” said a taster.

At just R30, the item is worth the price, but we would love to see it in a much bigger serving.

Simba Crunch Zinger Wings

The Simba Crunch Zinger Wings are exactly what they sound like: zinger wings coated with crushed Simba chips.

These were definitely one of our least favourite on the menu. KFC Zinger wings are known to be crispy and a little dry, but these were even more dry.

Simba Crunch Zinger Wings (Business Insider Phumi

Simba Crunch Zinger Wings (Business Insider / Phumi Ramalepe)

“They taste more like Simba chips than zinger wings. The concept is really cool but the execution, not so much,” said our taster.

Dipping them in the included sauce elevated the taste but they still didn’t please our palate.

A box of three plus a dip will cost you R40.

Kentucky Fried Oreos

Personally, I was very excited to taste this item. An Oreo deep fried in all of KFC’s secret ingredients. I mean, what more could a person with a sweet tooth want?

Deep Fried Oreo (Business Insider Phumi Ramalepe)

Deep Fried Oreo (Business Insider / Phumi Ramalepe)
Soft Serve to go with the Deep Fried Oreo (Busines

Soft Serve to go with the Deep Fried Oreo (Business Insider Phumi Ramalepe)

But no, this didn’t cut it… at all. The snack is exciting to look at but it simply tastes like a crunchy fat cake that’s just too sweet.

Even our nine-year-old participant didn’t seem bothered at all.

This menu item retails at R30.

Midnight Mojito

“If you have ever had a sip of Coke right after brushing your teeth, then you have an idea of what this beverage tastes like.”

KFC drink

Midnight Mojito (Business Insider / Phumi Ramalepe)

That was the consensus when it came to the Midnight Mojito (R20). The drink is basically a virgin mojito with some coke.

Combining coke with mint left a strange after taste. Definitely our least favourite item.



Score: 8.5. It had all the fresh ingredients and tasted good, but a bit more flavour would be great.


Score: 9. We’d definitely appreciate a bit more crunch and a bigger serving. Otherwise, this one was tasty.

Simba crunch Zinger wings

Score: 5.5. We appreciate the cost, but we’ve tasted better.

Kentucky fried Oreo

Score: 5 out of 10. The ice cream accompanying the snack made up for the strange taste, but we’re still not sold.

Midnight Mojito

Score: 4. Our taste buds weren’t pleased at all.

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