Find high-end art and luxury couture at Cape Town’s Rare Gallery

Rare Gallery doesn’t just showcase talented artists; it’s a completely immersive experience where vivid artworks segue into a carefully curated collection of couture fashion.

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This art gallery creates a unique phenomenon where one is both an observer and a participant—intrinsic to the present, the art, the fashion, and the ink (yes, there is also a micro tattoo parlour).

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While the gallery is certainly attracting Cape Town’s coolest cognoscenti and influencers, it is far more than a destination. It is a rare visual experience and a sensory delight.

And appropriately, it is named Rare Gallery.

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Founder Henry explains: “Rare Gallery is a collective of different worlds. We have combined high-end art with luxury couture to bring a whole new rare experience, something neither Cape Town nor South Africa has seen yet.”

Henry’s passion for expression and his distinctive sense of style carried over into the gallery, which officially opened on 17 June 2022.

The art

The current exhibition, showing until early January, showcases artists such as Gavin Thomson, Nicola Roos, Fhatuwani Mukheli and Buqaqawuli Nobakada.

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New artists are exhibited every two months.

“One of our goals is to support upcoming arcane artists who don’t have the platform to get their work and name out there,” says Henry. “We have the perfect platform to help young, creative individuals with a lot of potential garner experience and bring their work to the attention of the world.”

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The couture

Upstairs, you’ll find Rare Luxury.

“High-end couture is sought after all over the world, and what better place to bring this type of clothing than Africa?” asks Henry. “The brands that we choose to resell in our store are all high-end, big names.” He’s not overstating things. Alongside Rare’s own creations, you’ll find those of Balenciaga, Cartier, Dior, Palm Angels, Lanvin, Amiri, Off-White and Catalina. It’s a sleek, desirable, eclectic fusion that works.

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Rare Mode is Henry’s streetwear brand. What started out as a source for custom-designed jeans grew into a capsule wardrobe that was snapped up by “both famous individuals as well as influencers.” The opportunity for a curated, collaborative collection was clear.

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“Clothing is a form of art. And that’s what we love. It makes sense. Not many people get the opportunity to see some of these items, whether it’s the couture or the art. For us, making that rare experience possible is what we want to achieve.”

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Henry and his team have created a cultural hub where members of the community, whether they’re artists or collectors—or neither—can meet and inspire one another.

If promoting expression, inspiration, and innovation is his aim, what is his vision for the future?

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“Short-term, we’re planning a massive RARE party with local acts on the line-up as well as some crazy headliners. We are doing this for the culture. It’s a wave that won’t stop once it gets going, and in the medium term, there’ll be more public and private events to promote the gallery.”

He continues, “Long-term, we plan to take over the world and expand on a global level.”

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Artists are welcome to submit their portfolios to the email addresses listed below. Although there is no guarantee that they will be chosen, all submissions will be considered.


  • Location: 6 Watson Street, Cape Town City Centre.
  • Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 10am to 6pm | Saturday: 11am to 5pm
  • Contact: 074 784 2986
  • Submit portfolio: [email protected] | [email protected]

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