Enjoy local flavours and vineyard views at Lievland Café in Stellenbosch

Lievland Vineyards is a historic estate with a beautiful old soul. The surrounding views of breathtaking natural beauty and idyllic Stellenbosch mountains and vineyards alone make this farm an essential stop on any visit to the beautiful region of the Western Cape in South Africa.

The estate is situated in its own secluded valley just off the R44, positioned conveniently between Stellenbosch and Paarl. Offering serenity and respite from the hustle and bustle of busy everyday life, the rustic charm of the location sets the stage for relaxed yet elegant café dining and enjoyment of the range of finely crafted Lievland Vineyard wines.

Lievland Café stands alongside the estate’s wine-tasting room and winery, at the heart of the sensitively restored farm and vineyards. The building is a harmonious blend of traditional Cape architecture and modern innovation, creating a space that is both unique and steeped in history.

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An emphasis on local ingredients

At the heart of Lievland Café’s culinary philosophy lies a commitment to sourcing the freshest local ingredients. The menu showcases produce from nearby suppliers and highlights the flavours of the region. The food style is best described as ‘contemporary café dining.’

Offering breakfast and lunch, the menu includes light and more substantial dishes, featuring both traditional, rustic options and more sophisticated creations. Whether you’re seeking a hearty meal or a delicate culinary experience, there is something for every palate.

Wines with a sense of place

Striking a perfect balance between classic old-world and contemporary winemaking styles, Lievland Vineyard wines reflect the best of top-quality Stellenbosch terroir. Served with Lievland Café’s meals and available in the tasting room.

The Lievland team

With several years of professional experience and a commitment to culinary excellence, Chef Gareth Goliath heads up the kitchen team. Restaurant Manager Jana Bedford takes care of all aspects of service and customer care with friendly, calm efficiency.

Gareth, Jana and their teams share a commitment to making Lievland Café a delightful wine and food destination of note.

Behind the scenes, Christophe Dehosse, Susan Dehosse and Garth Bedford of Klein Joostenberg, The Vine Bistro, Postcard Café and The Kraal form part of the team, playing a supporting role.


The menu is a culinary symphony, conducted by Head Chef Gareth Goliath. Breakfast offers an array of delectable options to savour.

The ‘Café Breakfast’ is a hearty classic, featuring eggs, bacon and all the trimmings. The ‘Brioche French Toast’ is a delightful nod to the sweeter side of morning dining. The freshly brewed barista coffee, a staple for many, complements the range of cakes and pastries that provide the perfect accompaniment for a leisurely morning.

As the day progresses into lunchtime, Lievland Café continues to enchant diners with a diverse selection of dishes. For those who appreciate seafood, the West Coast black mussels and Cape Line fish casserole with Mediterranean potatoes and garden vegetables are a must-try.

For a nod to Lievland’s French heritage, the ‘Parigot’ is a classic French lunch item consisting of a Parisian-style baguette, ham and butter sandwich with a side salad. Also on offer is the 100% beef burger, confit duck leg and grilled sirloin; you will be spoilt for choice!

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A space for bespoke private parties and events

Lievland Café is more than just a dining destination. It is also an exquisite venue for customised private events, providing a romantic and scenic backdrop for special occasions.

The combination of the original Cape Farm winery building and the modern addition creates a space that effortlessly transitions from casual dining to sophisticated evening dinners. The sense of comfort and quality is palpable without any pretentiousness, ensuring that every gathering is memorable.

Lievland Café welcomes guests to indulge in breakfast or lunch every day of the week, whether leisurely or on the trot, from 8am to 4pm. Wine tastings and sales are open from 9am to 4pm.

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  • Location: Lievland Café | Lievland Vineyards, R44, Stellenbosch
  • Times: Wednesday to Sunday, 8am to 4pm | Open 7 days a week from 27 November 2023
  • Contact: [email protected] | 021 879 7892
  • Book: Dineplan
  • Website: lievland.co.za

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