Desperate centre appeals for public assistance

Deputy principal Phiwe Longo from Ubukhobakhe Educare Centre in Greenpoint,.

Deputy principal Phiwe Longo from Ubukhobakhe Educare Centre in Greenpoint,.

Ubukhobakhe Educare Centre, in Green Point, is appealing to Good Samaritans to assist in the construction of a brick structure for the safety of the children.

The centre, which is a non-profit organisation (NPO), has been operating since 2009. It currently caters for 251 children and has 13 staff members.

However, children’s safety remains a concern.

The centre was recently compelled to demolish its zinc structure to comply with the City of Cape Town’s safety regulations.

With the tough economic times, and everything coming out of the management pockets, the centre has now run out of funds to continue with the construction of a brick structure and is appealing for assistance.

Deputy principal Phiwe Longo told City Vision how they started in a garage with only 19 children. According to Longo, they operated from the garage for about a year before moving to their current premises.

“Even if a person can say they have bricks, cement or anything at home to help we’ll greatly appreciate it. We have stretched ourselves to the limit and we need to get the whole building finished,” she said.

Children in the past had to cross the busy Japhta Masemola Road to get to a centre, which put their lives in danger.

Longo believes they helped the community as now that no longer happens.

“Over the years we have seen our centre grow rapidly. Even the schools around here, come knocking on our doors for children to be registered in their schools,” she said.

Longo said children from the centre were excelling in maths and storytelling. The centre takes children from the surrounding areas such as Town Two and Site B from the age of zero to six.

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