5 spots on Kloof Street you need to try out in 2024

Kloof Street is a culinary treasure trove, full of several eateries that pack a flavourful punch. Sat in the heart of Cape Town, this street hosts a variety of spots that cater to every palate.

From cosy bistros to cool cafes, each establishment along this strip has its own unique charm.

Here are five spots on Kloof Street you need to try in 2024.

1. Prashad Café

Prashad Café is born from a family collaboration by Theresa, Krishan Peters and Tereena Naidoo, of the famed Maharajah Vegetarian lineage.

This modern café-style establishment is a great spot for those seeking authentic South African Indian flavours.

  • Location: Kloof Street
  • Times: Monday to Saturday 12pm to 3pm and 4pm to 9pm
  • Website: prashad.co.za
Picture: Prashad Café

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2. Club Kloof

Club Kloof is a fusion of Italian inspiration and the unique culinary stylings of Chef Shayne Shutte, complemented by the creative direction of Michael Carter.

Evoking the spirit of Italian dining, the restaurant’s interior bursts with bold hues – a contrast to the stark white exterior.

  • Location: 84 Kloof Street
  • Times: Wednesday to Thursday 12pm to 11:30pm | Friday and Saturday 8:30am to 11:30pm | Sunday 8:30am to 6pm
  • Website: clubkloof.com
Picture: @clubkloof_ / Instagram

3. Arnold’s

Arnolds Restaurant Website
Picture: Arnold’s

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4. Our Local

Our Local serves renowned breakfasts and lunches daily, offering a menu that includes everything from the beloved Arnold Bennet and shakshuka to avo toasts, burgers, salads, toasties, coffee, cakes and more.

Later in the week, the spot also translates beautifully late into the day, with delicious dinners and a full cocktail menu.

  • Location: 117 Kloof Street
  • Times: Sunday to Monday 8am to 3:30pm | Wednesday to Saturday 8am to 11pm
  • Website: clubkloof.com

Our Local, Cape Town

5. Unframed

Unframed Ice Cream crafts happiness one scoop at a time. A team of passionate artisans committed to the art of creating exceptional ice cream, the spots offers a range in dairy, vegan and sorbet options.

Unframed prioritises the integrity of their ingredients, ensuring that each element reflects a commitment to quality.

  • Location: 45C Kloof Street
  • Times: Every day 11am to 11pm
  • Website: unframedicecream.com
Unframed Ice Cream
Picture: Unframed

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Picture: Our Local

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